Madrid has an extensive transport network. The different modes of transport within the system are connected to one another. This means that you can use the same ticket (transport pass) on the entire network, including metro, buses, tram, suburban trains and inter-city buses. The Abono Transportes (transport pass) is valid within the chosen fare zone, divided into zones A, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, E1 and E2, although it is possible to use the pass outside of the zone by paying the supplementary fare.

To view current fares, visit:
Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid

New Travel Card

There are also other types of tickets:

• Billete sencillo (One-way ticket) €1,50

Valid for one trip only in the Municipality of Madrid (bus) and by metro network depends on the origin and destination.

• 10 Viajes Metrobús (10 trips) €12’20

With this Metrobús ticket, you can take ten trips on the Metro or EMT (buses). It is not necessary to carry a different ticket for each type of transport. It is valid at all Metro stations, within fare zone A, and on all EMT bus routes, ML1 (metro ligero),except the Plaza de Colón-Aeropuerto line.

More information in Consorcio de Transportes Madrid


Apply for a Monthly Transport Tickets.

The First Monthly Transport Tickets can be obtained via Internet or calling 012. When they are replacements can be obtained at authorized Cigar Store (Estanco), also by post.

Ticket Types.

  • Youth Transport Ticket: for under 23 years old. They are valid until 30 June of the year in which the holder turns 23.
  • Standard Transport Ticket: for adults between 23 and 64.

1. Documents for application.

  • DNI, Passport or NIE (in the case of applying for Youth Transport Tickets both, original and copied version, are needed).

  • Application form (obtained in the tobacconists where the application is made).

  • One passport photograph with your name written at the back of the photo.

2. Obtaining of the card.

  • Standard Monthly ticket card can be obtained immediately after the application.

  • Youth Monthly Ticket Card need to be picked up 15 days after the application in the same tobacconist.

* Monthly transport ticket can also be applied online.

To see the fare of different types of transport ticket, click here.

More information about transport season ticket in Madrid, click here.


Transportation Alternatives.


Cycling is healthy and ecological, which allows you to enjoy the city in your own pace and rate. In Madrid various types of bike rental services are offered.

Bike rentals around big city parks and tourist sites.

  • 27bikes: on the east side of Retiro Park. They offer various self-guided tour in the Retiro park and also in the city as well as bike-store services.

Calle Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda, 16. 28009, Madrid.

Metro Ibiza (L9)

91 573 06 92

  • Bybike: located next to the Retiro Park. They offer bike rental services for residents in Madrid as well as visitors.

Metro Ibiza (L9)

902 876 483

  • Rent&Roll: another rental site located near Retiro Park, which provide bike and roller-skates rental of all types, as well as guided tours.

Calle Salustiano Olózaga, 14. 28001, Madrid.

Metro Retiro (L2), Banco de España (L2)

91 576 35 24, 686 17 84 62

  • Pangea: a perfect point to start the exploration of the recently inaugurated Madrid Río Park.(Madrid’s River Park) This company is specialized in designing project which can make the best use of the bikes according to you need. They also offer normal bike rental services and guided tours around the city.

Calle Paseo Yeserías (esquina calle Arganda), 15. 28005, Madrid.

Metro Pirámides (L5)

91 517 28 29, 680 49 21 59

  • Otero Ciclos: located in the historical centre of the city, it is another good point to visit Madrid Río(Madrid River), since it is near to the entrance of the park.

Calle Segovia, 18-20. 28005, Madrid.

Metro La Latina (L5), Tirso de Molina (L1), Vodafone-Sol (L1, L2, L3)

902 884 985, 91 547 32 25, 91 541 57 14

  • Bravo Bikes: specialized in organizing cycling tours to visit the river of Madrid, West Park and Casa de Campo and also offering normal bicycle rental services.

Calle Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, 19

Metro Plaza de España (L2, L3, L10), Ventura Rodríguez (L3)

91 758 29 45, 607 44 84 40, 630 26 39 49

  • Mi Bike Río: they offer various types of vehicle rental services as well as coaching courses. It is located in the very starting point of Madrid River’s cycling ring and also very near to the main entrance of Casa de Campo.

Calle Aniceto Marinas, 26. 28008, Madrid.

Metro Príncipe Pío (L6, L10, R)

91 139 46 53, 605 299 630

  • EcoMoving Sports: their rental services include bikes, tandem bikes and roller-skates, etc. It is located near the cycling ring of River of Madrid and also offers Ecomoving programme in this park, Casa de Campo and Anillo Verde Ciclista.

Avenida del Manzanares, 2. 28011, Madrid.

Metro Puerta del Ángel (L6), Príncipe Pío (L6, L10, R)

  • Parque Juan Carlos I: in the park a totally free bike rental services is offered which allows you enjoy the park to the full. You only need to go the office beside the main car park and sign up, after which you will be issued with a personal electronic card which will be valid for a year and give you free access to the bikes in the park. Bikes can be rented for a maximum of one hour to ride around the designated areas, which is a specially designed route to enjoy the park on bike.

Avenida Manuel Azaña / Avda. Logroño / Vía de Dublín s/n.

Metro: Campo de las Naciones (L8).

Renting Hours: 10 am – 1 pm and 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, 9.30 am – 7.30 pm.

Bike rental in the city centre areas:

  • Urbanmóvil: They offer electronic vehicle rentals: bikes of various electric and folding models are available, for which specially routes are designed.

Plaza de Santiago, 2. 28013, Madrid.

Metro Ópera (L2 ,L5), vodafone-Sol (L1, L2, L3)

91 542 77 71, 687  53 54 43

  • Bike Spain: they offer a quite comprehensive bike rental services: lighweight city bikes, aluminum mountain bikes, school bikes, etc as well as various designed routes around the city.

Plaza de la Villa 1. 28005, Madrid.

Metro Ópera (L2, L5, R)

91 559 21 25



  • Motor&Go Rent*: it is a company that offering rentals of motorcycles, scooter and bikes. Exploring Madrid on motorcycles is a very fun way. There are a variety of models available for you to choose. The rent also includes insurance, assistance, helmet and anti-theft padlock.

Paseo Infanta Isabel, 23. 28014, Madrid.

91 434 96 48

*Motor&Go offers an exclusive discount for IED Madrid students. For more information on the discount, click Exclusive Discounts for IED Students.

Segway is a renovated way of transportation. It’s a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle that allows you to travel fast and conveniently to any places: go to classes or go shopping, for example. It’s quite efficient and also will bring some fun to your life.

Plaza de Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta, 2. 28004, Madrid.

Metro Callao

608 419 512

*Madrid Segway Tours offers an exclusive discount for IED Madrid students. For more information on this offer, click Exclusive Discounts for IED Students.

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