Madrid´s Flee Market: El Rastro.

Every Sunday at 9:00 am, hundreds of posts are set up around Ribera de Curtidores Street and they are visited by a large amount of local people as well as by tourists. You can take a curious and entertaining walk there because diverse types of new and second-handed articles are sold at these small stands. The centre of the market is located in Plaza de Cascorro but it takes up a large triangular area outlined by streets of Toledo, Embajadores and Ronda de Toledo.

The general distribution of the products among these streets are:

  • Calle Ribera de Curtidores: handicrafts, hand-stitched clothing and antiques.
  • Calle San Cayetano: known as the “painters’ street”, full of stands selling paintings and replicas of works of art. Art stores in this area stay open also during the week.
  • Plaza del General Vara del Rey: mostly second-hand clothes and furniture stands.
  • Calle Rodas: antiques.
  • Campillo terrace: you can practically find everything–tools, fabrics, leather goods, music and old magazines.

Closest metro stations: La Latina and Puerta de Toledo, Line 5.

*Attention: The large numbers of visitors also attract a lot of pickpockets in the area. Keep an eye on your personal belongings!


Madrid is famous for its nightlife. There are bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres and all types of entertainments. The most common areas to go out and have a drink in are:

Azca – Castellana. In the basements of the Torre Europa building and on the Avenida de Brasil, there are bars and clubs with all types of people. In this area and on Paseo de la Castellana, you will find some of the most selective establishments and restaurants in Madrid.

Moncloa – Argüelles. In this area, there are a large number of bars and clubs where students go. Some of them are located in the area known as “Bajos de Argüelles” between the streets Fernando el Católico, Gaztambide, Andrés Mellado and Meléndez Valdés.

Alonso Martínez – Bilbao. In the Plaza de Alonso Martínez, there are pubs and terraces. In the surrounding areas, there are bars and clubs for young people.

Chueca. In this area there are a lot of establishments for gays. Every year Gay Pride Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in June or the first Saturday of July and during the entire week the neighbourhood is decorated for the festivities, which often include live music.

Sol – La Latina. Near the Toledo, Arenal, Segovia and Cava Baja streets students will find a wide range of restaurants, as well as many bars and cafes in which to enjoy pleasant conversations in the evenings. Those who want to continue having fun will also find countless wine bars and some nightclubs.

Huertas. Around the Plaza de Santa Ana are some of the most legendary pubs and cafés in Madrid. Huertas street and its surroundings boast the most bars and nightclubs in Madrid, which makes it a very lively area. All sorts of people visit this neighbourhood, but it is especially popular among tourists and foreign students aged between 20 and 30. It is perfect for fans of jazz and popular music.


Entertainment: Special Edition.

Are you an animal&nature lover?

Zoo Aquarium of Madrid
Located in the Casa de Campo, it is one of the most important zoological park in the world. Take a walk around the”different continents” that make up of its enclosure, where you can see more than 2000 animals belonging to more than 500 varieties, including its two baby pandas De De and Po. The animals all around the world are united in Madrid!
How to get there
: Metro Casa de Campo (L10), Bus 22, Train Cercanías Aluche.
Tel. 902 345 014
Opening hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.

Being an unique bio-park in Europe, Faunia includes four different ecosystems: African Forest, Temperate Forest, Polar Ecosystem and Jungle Ecosystem. It is an ideal place to get closer to the earth and nature as well as know about the life of the animals. Besides, it has a spacious theme area where exhibitions, educational talks and various activities are organized.
Avenida de las Comunidades, 28. 28032, Madrid.
How to get there
: Metro Valdebernardo (L9), Vicálvaro (LC2); Bus: EMT L71
Tel: 91 301 62 10
Opening hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.


Wanna enjoy Madrid from the sky?

Teleférico gives you a chance to travel high above and appreciate the city from the sky. This tour covers not only Madrid’s historic parts but also a lot of lovely green areas, including the El Parque del Oeste (the East Park), la Rosaleda (the Rose Garden), Príncipe Pío Station, la Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida (San Antonio de la Florida Chapel), el Templo de Debod (the Debod Temple), el Palacio Real (the Royal Palace), los jardines de Campo del Moro (The Gardens of Moor´s Land) and Madrid Río (Madrid´s River).
Station in Rosales: Paseo del Pintor Rosales, s/n.
Metro Argüelles: L3 L4 L6, Bus 21 and 74.
Station in Casa de Campo: Cerro Garabitas, Casa de Campo.
Metro Batán L10 y Lago L10, Autobús 33
Tel. 91 54 11 18
Opening hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.


If you are looking for an adventure…

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid (Attraction Park in Madrid).
“Abyss, Lanzadera (shuttle), Tornado, Top Spin, Pirate Rowboat, Star Flyer…”. In this park you can enjoy a wide range of games in its five sections of entertainment “Maquinismo, Gran Avenida, Naturaleza, Tranquilidad and Infantil”, which will bring you both fun and thrilling experience. Leave your daily monotony and stress behind and have fun in Parque de Atracciones!
Casa de Campo s/n
How to get there:
Metro Batán L10, Bus 33 and 65, Train Cercanías Príncipe Pío/ Aluche.
Tel. 902 345 009, 902 345 001
Opening Hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.

Warner Madrid
Here you can be a movie star for one day and experience the most amazing stunts applied by Hollywood movie producers. Warner Park of Madrid is one of the most spectacular theme parks of the world. It has five theme areas which provide all visitors with not only a unique cinematic environment but also wonderful shows as well as many attractions of speed, adrenaline and fun.
How to get there
Bus from la Veloz Company, from South Station (Méndez Álvaro)
Tel. 902 024 100
Opening Hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.

Parques Acuáticos (Aquatic Park)
Aquópolis is the largest aquatic park in Europe and definitely a perfect place to cool off while enjoy the sunshine during the summer time. It has 12 attractions and a spacious green area for taking a rest and enjoying a sunbath. In Aquópolis you will have much fun with water.
Aquópolis de Villanueva de la Cañada

Avenida de la Dehesa s/n
How to get there
: buses 623, 627 (from the interchange station Moncloa) y 581 (from the interchange station Príncipe Pío)
Opening hours
and prices.
Tel. 902 345 006
Aquópolis de San Fernando de Henares.
How to get there: bus 281, 284 from interchange station Avda. América. Renfe Cercanías of San Fernando de Henares Stations.
Tel. 902 345 022
Opening hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.


Adventures in the trees.

Forestal Park Madrid-Guadarrama
In this adventurous park you can enjoy the fresh air in the nature while doing sports: roam around the trees, “circuit training”, etc of different difficulty levels.
How to get there
: bus 692 from the interchange station Moncloa.
Opening hours
and prices. Tickets can be purchased online.


Or if you prefer to go for a movie…

There are eight movie circuits running in Madrid that project original version movies and can always meet the demands of the movie-goers. Many of their cinemas are located in the city centre.


Artistic Metropol

Pequeños Cine Estudio,

Cines Princesa

Renoir Plaza de España

Cines Retiro

Cine Verdi

Yelmo Cines

Other screens, more artistic, cultural and classical, and more economic: That´ll be really cool, wouldn’t it?
Besides these commercial cinemas, Madrid also has a movie projection chain of more institutional and cultural nature, which often offer free entry or very economic tickets for some original movies, aiming to promote a culture, works of a specific producers or non-fictional movies.

Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré)


Cine Estudio Círculo de Bellas Artes

Centro Cultural Coreano

Centro Ruso



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