With a Youth Card you can enjoy discounts on a wide range of entertainment, educational, cultural, sports and tourist activities. The card is absolutely personal and non-transferable, which is recognized by all the autonomous communities of Spain as well as other European countries. It will be valid until you reach 31 years old.

This Youth Card even includes a travel insurance with worldwide coverage. It will be valid at the moment when you get the card. The contact telephone numbers (Allianz) are:

902 360 699 (within Spain)*

91 452 29 45 (from outside Spain)*

*Free reverse charge call.


Conditions to apply:

  • Between 14-30 years old.

  • Resident of the province of Madrid.


Two types:

  • Normal Youth Card: with which you can enjoy the discounts and privileges in a large amount categories and a travel insurance of international coverage.

  • Visa Youth Card: with which you can enjoy all the advantages offered by normal youth card and plus, a function of band card (debit card or credit card).


How to apply?

Bring your DNI, passport or NIE and 4€ of application fee. Go to one of the following offices to apply:


–Oficina de la Dirección General de Juventud y Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Paseo de Recoletos, 7-9. 28004, Madrid

–Oficina Joven Comunidad de Madrid. TIVE

Calle Fernando El Católico, 88. 28008, Madrid

–Any branch office of Bankia in the Community of Madrid.


*The Visa Youth Card can only be applied in branch offices of BANKIA when applying offline.

For more information about Youth Card, click here.

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