The Istituto Europeo di Design is located at number 8 calle Flor Alta in the centre of Madrid and parallel to Gran Vía, which is one of the city’s most emblematic streets.

The quickest and easiest way to arrive is on the Metro, using the following lines:
Line 2, Santo Domingo or Noviciado station.
Lines 3 and 5, Callao station.
Lines 3 and 10, Plaza de España station.

You can also arrive on the bus, using lines 1, 2, 44, 46, 74, 75, 133, 147, 148 and 202.

You can obtain information about all of the routes by going to the website on Madrid transports, EMT.

IED Master is located at number 14 calle Larra, very close to Glorieta de Bilbao.

It is possible to arrive there using the following metro lines:
Lines 1 and 4, Bilbao station.
Lines 1 and 10, Tribunal station.

And if you decide to take the bus, lines 3, 21, 40, 147 and 149 will leave you the closest.

You can purchase single tickets (1 journey), 10-journey passes and monthly passes.

If you are going to travel to the IED every day, you should purchase a monthly pass. If you are over 23, you will have to purchase the regular pass (available at tobacconist’s shops). If you are under 23, you can buy the young person’s pass, which is cheaper (valid until the 30th of June of the year when you reach 23). The young person’s pass must be requested at the tobacconist’s, and will take about three weeks to be ready.





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