Although Madrid is not a particularly dangerous city, if you are in the city centre we advise that you take care of your personal items, because, as in most large cities, there are pickpockets operating in the area. Once you arrive in Madrid you should take care of your belongings until you arrive at your hotel. Take special care with your cash, mobile, notebook computer and documents, and try to avoid carrying them in plain view.

The airport is very well connected with the city centre. For more information go to

We recommend using the underground system. It is cheap and links the airport with the city centre in 12 minutes. If you take a taxi, the approximate fare to the city centre is €25-30, depending on the traffic.

It is a good idea to store at your home in Madrid a photocopy of all your important documents (ID documents, passport, bank cards, European Health Card, plane tickets, etc.). In the event that you travel around Spain it is a good idea to tell a friend about your itinerary and schedule, to ensure you will be helped in an emergency.



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