Are you looking for accommodation in Madrid?

IED Madrid has an advisory service to help you find your accommodation. The Hospitality Office will provide you all the information concerning different types of housing, neighbourhoods, prices, websites, online accommodation services, etc. so you can manage your stay in an easy way. We help you adapt to life in Madrid ( legal processes, general information, recommendations and useful links).

This orientative chart will help you establish the kind of accommodation you choose based on an important factor: the budget.


Approximate prices

Residence Hall

Room in a shared flat

Studio apartment for one person

Monthly rent

950€ – 1125€

350€ – 600€

550€ – 1000€



60€ – 80€

60€ – 120€

Cleaning Services


10€ aprox. per hour

10€ aprox. per hour

Full Board


100 €-200 €/mes aprox.**

100 €-200 €/mes aprox.**

*Water, gas, electricity, internet…
**Depend on every individual


Student Residence Hall*

They offer half or full board, laundry and cleaning service ( rooms and common zones). You will enjoy a shared experience with other IED students. It is a suitable option for first year Undergraduate Degree Design Courses students, short (Specialized Courses) and One Year Courses.

A single/double room in student residence hall has private bathroom (or shared in the same floor), bed, desk and large wardrobe.

Services included in the price:

*Full board(breakfast, lunch and dinner)
*Laundry, bedding and towels.
*Room cleaning service.
*Free access.
*24 hours security.

Student residence hall is the most common option for students. Please contact our Hospitality office if you would like to know more. We would provide you with many options, either single-gender or gender-mixed type, all well located, comfortable, convenient and with excellent services as well as an international environment.

Besides, student residence hall will provide you with an accommodation certificate which is indispensable in the student visa application procedure. The certificate will be given once reservation fee is paid.


Room in a shared flat:

Living in a shared flat is a good choice to get along with other students and at the same time share the living costs as well as necessary housework (energy and service costs, cleaning, maintenance, etc).

It is a nice option for students enrolled in programmes that are less than 6 months (the housing contract requires a minimum stay of 3 months). But it is also recommended for those of long programmes. Normally bathroom, kitchen, living room and other public spaces are shared in the flat.

At the same time, it would also be a good choice for Undergraduate Degrees first-year students, although usually it is more common for them to stay in a student residence hall for the first year and move into a shared flat in the following year after adapting better to the local life as well as knowing better fellow students.

In this case, we recommend you try the search-engine of Aluni (www. ALUNI  collaborates with IED offering private rooms in shared apartments for university students, students of spanish language schools and young professionals. Their services does not confine to offering flats of the owners, but rather,consist in ensuring the fulfillment of the contracts so that the rights of the students are protected.

All students that have enrolled in IED can enjoy a 40% of discount in the management fee. You will need to bring a leaflet with a stamp of both parts (IED and Aluni) to enjoy the discount. Please contact the Hospitality office of IED Madrid to get the discount leaflet:

To reserve/rent a room through Aluni, you can use their room search-engine online or contact or It is a quiet secure and convenient way to have your room reserved in advance before arriving Madrid.

If you are already in Madrid, you can directly go to their office and their staff will help you make the best decision:

Calle Hilarión Eslava, 12. Bajo B
Madrid 28015
Tel: 91 543 20 31


Studio apartment**

Studio apartment is a type of residence normally for only one person and you need to take charge of the costs and maintenance on your own(energy and service costs, cleaning, etc). However at the same time you will have your own private space, with furnished american kitchenette and a bathroom.

It isn’t the most suitable option for students of programme of less than 6 months, since the minimum stay required by contracts would be  from 9 to 12 months.

If you would like to rent a studio apartment, we recommend to contact with our Hospitality office The most convenient areas (near IED Madrid) are: Centro, Universidad, Chamberí, Argüelles, Moncloa, Justicia, Alonso Martínez, San Bernardo..


Some recommendations.

To avoid problems when renting a flat we advise that you read all documents and contracts very carefully before signing them. You must also demand that a contract is signed before making any sort of payment. In the event that you make a reservation, ensure you are given a written confirmation before paying for it. Landlords must give you a receipt for the amount paid, stating their name, fiscal ID number, your name, the amount paid and what the receipt refers to.

* The costs of living/services vary according to the condition of the housing
** Prices vary according to the location and the size of the studio apartment.

Visit the section ¿Dónde vivir? in our student guide to know more about those districts and neighbourhoods that encircle IED Madrid campus, their locations, features, etc, which will serve you as a reference in fixing where to live in Madrid.


Useful links:

The Regional Centre for Youth Information and Documentation, General Youth Department, Education Department, Government of Madrid has a noticeboard for private users offering and seeking rooms for rent. The IED Madrid is not connected to it in any way.

youth hostels in Madrid.

The City Council

House exchange programme for international students

Press specialising on flats for rent: Segunda mano.

Service Guide for queries and easy searches: Páginas amarillas.

Here you have a list of accommodation services sites to rent a room in a shared flat:



Segunda mano



Madrid easy

Piso compartido

DFlat Housing

Madrid Students House



Temporary residence.

Do you prefer to fix your final residence after arriving Madrid? Here are some ways in which you can find an apartment or room for a short stay:

It is a  trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world in private houses. You can make the reservation either online or from a mobile phone, very easy and handy.

Rental of apartments, rooms, rural houses, chalets or vacation homes in more than 100 countries.

Hotel Life
Calle Pizarro 16, 28004, Madrid
Tel. +34 91 531 42 96

Hostal Pizarro
Calle Pizarro 14-1, 28004, Madrid
Tel. +34 915 319 158

Other recommendations.

Already fixed your apartment in Madrid but still need some stuff for your new home?

We recommend you Tu Trato – it´s a store (with online shopping) where you can buy and rent furniture, decoration and lighting objects, kitchen and tableware as well as paintings. Create your own account and make a wish list of the products that you are interested in. When the price of “your favorites” drops down, you will be informed and get a pretty good bargain!

Oviedo, 3. 28020, Madrid
Telf. 91 534 12 70



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