Health care coverage is essential in Spain, either through national health systems or through private insurance.

The “tarjeta sanitaria” (health card) is a card that allows you to receive medical care in Spain. This card gives you the right to receive care at any hospital or primary care centre in the event of an emergency, common illness, primary or specialised care, pregnancy and accident.

EU Students.

Students from EU countries (and from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), when they are beneficiaries of the public health care system in their own country, have the right to receive health care through Seguridad Social Española (the Spanish Public Health Care System).

To do so, they must request The  European Health Insurance Card from the public health authority in their country.

Once in Spain, they must take form E-128 to the closest Health Care Centre, where they will be assigned a family doctor. Form E-128 must also be presented in order to receive emergency medical care.

Non-EU Students.

In order to obtain a visa, non-EU students must take out a private health insurance required of them since they are not members of the European Union. All of the information must be requested through their embassy, since every country has a different agreement established.


More information at:

Seguridad Social


Private Medical Insurance.

All international students from non-EU Countries must own a worldwide coverage travel insurance to obtain a student visa for Spain. Foreign students who are enrolled in IED Madrid have the possibility to contract a private medical insurance through the International Office Department in their home countries before departing for Spain or directly in the I.O. after obtaining the visa and having arrived Madrid.

*IED Madrid provides its students with options of private medical insurance offered by various companies. This type of insurance is available 24-hours, covering both emergency aid and normal medical aid as well as hospitalization, etc. Also, it includes coverage in foreign countries while travelling.

Insurance companies:





*Important notice:

If the medical insurance is contracted through IED, the costs of the payment will be returned in the case of student VISA refusal. The refund part covers from the following month of the VISA refusal date until the expiring date of the insurance.

For more information on private medical insurance, coverage, monthly/annual costs, procedure and contraction, please contact with the Hospitality department IED Madrid:;

91 448 04 44






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