The “padrón” is a sort of registration form that each resident in Spain must fill in. It is a right that everyone has, whether Spanish or a foreigner, legalised or not in the country.

You will need this paper to obtain the health card, which is used to receive care at any public hospital in Spain without any charge whatsoever.


1. Make an appointment.


  • Click on “pedir cita previa”, tipo de servicio: “atención al ciudadano” and gestión: “padrón”.

  • Choose the Citizen office which is closest to your current residence.

  • Choose the date and time available.

In the office without an appointment:

You can directly go to the citizen office of Junta Municipal of your District, to complete the registration.

2. Prepare the documents.

Documents needed for the application:

* In the case you don’t hold a rental contract because of living with a relative or a tutor, etc, you need to ask for an authorization from your relative or tutor to register in their same residence.

3. Go to the citizen office on your appointment date and time with all the necessary documents.


* If you change your residence during your stay in Madrid, you should register your new address in the citizen office. The documents needed and the procedure are the same as explained above.

We recommend that, if you change your residence address, besides updating the registration (empadronamiento), you should also inform your bank as well as the foreign affairs office to be able to receive any notification in your current address.

* All the foreign citizens should renew their registration every two years. The renewal process is the same as the first time.

If you have any problems filling in the form in Spanish, here we have a translated version of such document in English by Madrid Town Council:
Municipal census of inhabitants: Help guide for foreigners.

If you have any futher problems, please contact our Department of Hospitality:

For more information, please visit the website of Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano (Citizen Attending Office).

Website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you will find information about Spanish Embassies and Consulates.



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