Once you’re in Madrid, you’ll need to communicate with your family and friends. Communication nowadays is quicker, distances are shorter and contacting home is easier and easier.

The most economical ways of contacting family and friends are: Internet stations, Cyber Cafés and “locutorios” (phone centres). Phone centres are devoted exclusively to this purpose and each one has its own established rates. You can also purchase international prepaid phone cards. They are very practical and usually cost between €5 and €10, depending on the time that you want to talk and the country your are calling. A land line phone is cheaper, but a mobile phone can also be very useful. You can now buy mobile phones at very good prices that include some minutes of talk time. The three major mobile phone companies are:


You’ll find a large number of mobile phone shops throughout the city. We suggest that you keep in mind the mobile phone company used by the people you talk with most, since this will save you money on calls.

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